Hello and welcome to my website. This site was set up so I could practice various aspects of designing and building web sites. Since then it has become an area to show some photos, keep some of my memories alive and put something about me and my family on the web.

Since this site is a test bed it is always "Under Construction" so you may find pages incomplete or links to non existent places. Generally the main parts work so feel feel to have a browse around.

Let me start with a little about me. I now find myself single again after 7 years of marriage. I live in Surrey, a few miles to the South West of London. I have an old black and white cat. I work hard and try to play hard as some of this site will show.



I work as a full time Broadcast Technical Trainer. I spend most of my time training journalists and resources staff in "Multi Skilling" and Newsroom Automation Skills. I've worked in training for more than a decade. I specialise in training Apple's Final Cut Pro editing software along with general packaging and creative production skills courses. These days I also find my self training people how to use DV cameras and make DVDs. I spent many weeks last year working at the BBCs new building in Glasgow. Find out more here...


Clown Fish

I have one hobby, past time and passion that is not TV related. I have loved swimming and snorkelling since I was a boy. Back in 2003 I finally learned to Scuba dive and haven't looked back since. Holidays now are almost always in a diving locations and I have now added underwater photography to my interests. You can see some of the results in the diving section. Find out more here...

Hospital TV


My time consuming and most demanding hobby is running of a TV station in a hospital to the west of London. It is very similar to hospital radio but with the pictures turned on. It can be a bit of a busman's holiday but it is very rewarding and a huge amount of fun when things are going well. You can find full details of Harefield Hospital Television on their own website, or more details of my involvement in my Hospital TV section.