Here you will find a bit about what I do at work, how I started my career and the accidental path it took along the way. I've also included a few technical hints and tips that may help you with your career, or at least help you make better programmes.


Sam on camera

I work for the training department of the Beeb in an area that is responsible for training journalists. The work divides into two types; the larger portion involves training people to use technical equipment - digital video cameras, video editing equipment and the station automation computer systems that run much of the News output. The other part is film making skills, things like visual story telling and basic filmmaker's skills.

If you are looking for a TV training course (or Radio or New Media) then the BBC Training web site would be a good starting place and it may not cost as much as you think. Alternatively, one of my ex-colleague's has establish a very good reputation for Camera training. Click on the Urban Fox link for details.


Camera Crew

This is not a training web site, however, I'm so often asked "how do you do this or that" I've put together a few useful bits here that may help you if your shooting as a single person operation. I've divided them into three sections; Editing using Final Cut Pro, Improving your shooting and recording the best possible sound. These are just a taste of what you would cover if you went on a course. Courses are expensive but if you are serious about what you are doing then they will pay for them selves in no time.

Some now and some available soon (When I finally get around to finishing them!)

My Past Career

A97 Course Photo

Way back then in the beginning...

I joined the BBC in 1982 as an engineer, just before the start of Breakfast Television. The days when Frank Bough and Selena Scott sat on red sofas wore jumpers and poured cups of coffee for their guests. I spent several months before the start of Breakfast Time in a concentration camp, otherwise known as BBC Wood Norton. Back then this was the BBC's engineering training division in Evesham in Worcestershire. Things have changed quite a bit since then and it is now a quite impressive and modern conference centre and I even do some of my training there once in a while. Back then it was just an old barracks. Read more here...