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Diving Bonaire and Curacao

The end of July 2004 was our honeymoon and we had long talked about a decent diving holiday so this was the ideal opportunity. We spent a week on each island starting on Bonaire and then moving to Curacao. They are truly beautiful islands to dive. I know we don't have a lot to compare them with but these must be some of the best reefs in the world.


Captain Don was responsible for Bonaire being a diving resort. The hotel has one of the best reefs on the island.

A small spotted trunkfish on the house reef.
One of the dive boats gets ready to leave.

Coco just hanging about on a safety stop.

There was never a shortage of fish to see.
Just Me.
Bonaire Town Pier

Some say it is the best night dive in the world - I can't answer that but it was my best ever dive. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who hasn't mastered there buoyancy as you need to spend most of the time hovering between one and three metres.

The corals are spectacular growing perpendicular to the pillars. We saw among other things two frogfish, a turtle, an octopus, two seahorses and several eels. It was busy with two other groups of divers down at the same time as us but since you need to do this one slowly it wasn't a problem most of the time. We were also joined by several large (over two meter) Tarpon using our dive lights to hunt.

A trumpet fish pretending to be a soft coral.
A well camouflaged spotted eel.
It amazes me just how vivid the coral colours could be.

Just more fish. A couple of Big eyes watch a parrot fish.

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