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Simon in full kit and fake smile not looking forward to the 8 degree water!

Simon passes his AOW (at last)

There hasn't been much time for diving while we get ready for our wedding, so the kit has all stayed dry for far too long. Anyway, the bank holiday weekend at the beginning of May saw us both doing our Advanced Open Water course. We started at Wraysbury, but sods law meant Coco wasn't feeling well enough to dive. Simon continued with a couple of Nitrox Dives to get EAN qualified and the first open water dives for the course.

Sunday was an early start as I had to drive up to Stoney Cove to do the deep dive. The water was freezing - well only 8°C. More comfortable for me than our instructor Tony. He was had lent his dry suit to Hamish as the neck seal on the hired suit had split the day before. Tony's spare looked just great, apart from one small(ish) problem - a hole in the leg. Two dives and it was so full of water he might just have jumped in with his zip open. It all got far too cold for Tony to dive safely so called it quits. I only needed to do one dive so I passed but Hamish had to return to Wraysbury to finish off.

Monday could have been a day off but I had been having so much fun I returned to Wraysbury on Monday while Tony finished off some OW training for a new club member. I had a nice swim around and got so close to the Big Pike I felt I could touch it if I reached my hand out. I went in for a second dive but by this time had the normal problem in a gravel pit- NO Vis! It was so bad that I swam strait into a wall of mud - stirring it up even more for everyone else. So we finished with a long surface swim to end the day.